Nurturing Possibilities

Merging cutting edge technology and superior design to bring you simple, beautiful, effective feeding products.

Why Bebek?

Our products are the cutting edge of performance and design. We create the highest quality products, with a range from classic feeding bottles to training cups, teething support, and cleaning devices. Our new bottles and cups appeal to the eye and the hand that holds them.

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Like breastfeeding, the patented nipple lets baby breathe in a natural rhythm while feeding. Sensitive to baby’s level of development and hunger, instant venting eliminates air bubbles protecting baby’s tummy from gas.

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World of Color

With our unique range of color combinations, transitioning from bottle to training cups will not only be enjoyable, but fun as well. Indulge in our world of color without giving up the tummy-happy benefits of a Bebek bottle.

From birth to solid food

An integrated collection of products that supports baby’s natural feeding behavior. Bebek products help you have the most relaxed, satisfying feeding experience with your baby.

Coming this Fall

Simply works with nature